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I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with Zadislaw Beksinski. Now DA has its own place for art inspired by the late great surrealist: :iconbeksinski-fan-art:
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The Surreal Gospel of EmptyHeads


It is the philosophy of this club that emptyness made by the numb and negative part of our art (sometimes left on purpose) is meant to be filled with ideas. Which flow upon the paper like the mediums we choose.
Empty heads is about collaboration. Getting to know your fellow surrealists and observe their style and nature of their art.
We hope that by collaborating we can build a tightly knit community of surrealists who will continue to collaborate with each other inspire each other and support one another artistically.


The original recipe:

One artist creates a head...Or possibly a foreground, which then passed (digitally or mail) to another deviant to create a body for the being or surreal object or background.
The original said something about humorous but since the nature of the artwork created resulted in mixed results of mood. I will not require it.

Three musketeer’s version:

One person does a head (foreground) one person does a background and one person provides details/manipulation/colors.

Not so sure on this one.
Or. You can dived a single "canvas" into three sections evenly and create a multi-person exquisite corpse or work freely over the sections to create a montage of style.

Four people:

One person chooses a corner and works on it. Another person chooses an opposing corner and works on it ECT. So the piece blends but is made up of four evenly distributed sections.

All four work on a variety of details on the piece.

Or four people do minimal drawing as not to crowd the drawing each person does an automatic drawing based on paranoid-critical theory. Where they draw what they see with little intervention, working with and into the pieces that the others drew.
With each person the canvas is rotated. So instead of working off of sections they work on the whole canvas but a different perspective. Much like how my own four ways are created.
This would cause the most skill in making sure everyone used the same medium but also provide some serious collaboration eyes.

So what do you say!
Let's get collaborating folks!


The moderators of this club(The HeadHunters) posseses the power to accept or reject applicants prior to application according to the works found in their gallery. Submissions are subjected to questioning by the administrators(the moderators currently) if the quality of the works are deemed questionable!!...This is a collaborative group so we expect your full cooperation inorder for us to function!!!...respect each other and we'll respect you!!!

How to become a member?

simple steps:

Step 1.) you must be a constant and active creator of surrealist(or in some cases occassional) works. Fantasy and macabre works will not be accepted unless they fit the eyes of the moderators.

Step2.)Note the club with the subject line "Join" requesting admission... a reply note will be sent to you should we find you and your works ideal for the club collaboration.

Step3.) watch us and if you are accepted, we will watch you...Be nice or else!!...Dont forget to put a link or icon of the group in your journazl or signature so that we may know who our members are!!!

Step4.) Note the club with the subject line "Collaboration" IF YOU WANT TO SUBMIT A COLLABORATIVE WORK... or "SUBMISSION" for works dedicated or in line with the philosophy of the EmptyHeads Community...


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